A end of a lifetime

3 weeks left. The dance the graduation assembly and then the activities.. then it’s over.

I am over exhausted camping 2 weeks in a row. This year has been so fun. Also I have my Aladdin show coming up and I am not sure what role I am yet. I am scared to leave most of my friends but I do think we will keep in contact. I have been at this school for 8 years and I can’t believe I’m letting it go. But it has to happen. And I will never forget the memories I have made here.


From Mikaela x

Unique, Intresting and entertaining!
My three words to describe the book Fish in a tree. Unique in so many way’s because every single character had their own different personalities and ways of doing things. Intresting and Entertainment because there was never one bit of the book that wss not Intresting. The book was well made and so well with the words that described every character.
The creator of the book should be very proud of what they have accomplished I would love to be that great with words.
I recommend the book so much and if you do read it I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

From Miki x

Life is like a door!

What a crazy blog! This blog is about a task from Mr Hope. 3 story starters about a door. I hope you enjoy.

Life is like a door. ..Sometimes you open up too much and others you feel like you can’t at all. Sometimes you  are tired and can’t handle stuff at all. But other times you feel useful to others and happy.

This is a bit of an opening up script about feeling like she’s useless but is also happy.

Where is it? The key! I threw away the key long ago! But I need it back… I can’t get through the door without it. But will the memories come back and haunt me forever? Or will it be the biggest mistake of my life..

This is a little bit of a questionable script in my opinion because you don’t know what’s going on.

Banging on the door. OPEN UP! The timer ticking, I am running out of time. Scrambling through stuff boxed up in the room. Where is it where’s the key! 6..5..4…

This piece is a Horror script.

Thank you for listening to this blog!

From Miki x

You have to expect the unexpected?

Yelling , screaming running around. The whistle blows and everyone is set. The other team kicks from the goal section this is their chance. Unexpected the kick goes in the other direction I jump high. Reach to the sky and grabs the ball. Unexpecting I am in the right position to kick a goal. I have never payed football in my life! Yes I am stressing but how can I when my whole team is cheering my name. Echoing in my head. Mikaela , Kick Mikaela!  The whistle blows. I kick it and…


Thank you for reading my blog!

From Miki x

What are we waiting for?

Is anybody else exited or not? This is such an exiting term. We have next week the camping trip. The last time I’ve  gone camping was year 1 with Indi, Ryley and we met up with Trista! Me and my family are a bit over exited we have a bag full of food already packed! (Since Monday) And we are going on Friday. We have the school dance coming up and I’m not too overly exited about that just because I dont feel overly comfortable dancing in front of people let alone in a dress. We have the graduation activities coming up. Our graduation and lastly our Christmas concert!

I feel so exited for all these events and I hope everyone in la1 and la2 are as well.

Stay tuned for the next blog

from Miki x

The Big day!

Waking up feeling exited for today’s big day. But getting there was the most awkward thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I visited my high school with my friends Ryley, Indi, Arielle and Alyssa. We got split into groups and did some classes. I ended up having a great day. I loved how big and how nice the people are. I was exhausted the next day because I also had coaching and my netball game that night. We have 6ish weeks left. I am leaving half of my friends behind plus we have so much graduation stuff coming up as well. It'[s going to be a busy 6 weeks.

From Mikaela

Show the real you 🌸

Be yourself!
Just be you everyone is different in their own special way and that’s what makes you , you. Being yourself is a real challenge for me when I’m around people I don’t know I am awkward. And it’s okay to be like that. But here’s a question to ask yourself not  anyone else just you. Would you change something about yourself and why? In my option I would not change the person I am because I and proud of who I am and I think everyone should be. But if I had too it would most likely be that I am too competitive. And I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Obviously if I don’t win something and I know I’ve tried my hardest then I wouldn’t be.
Make sure to think about the question.

From Miki

Time flies🌎

What a crazy start of the term!
It is the fourth week of the fourth term and it’s flying fast 💨!
We have already done heaps of thing’s and this term has been fun. Yesterday was Halloween and some girls got the opportunity to go to the dockers cup. The dockers cup is when you complete against other schools in a game of AFL. But we played 5 games in total and lost 2. Good job to every team that tried their best and had a go! I had the best time and I laughed so much I lost my voice by the end of the day. But it wasn’t over yet! We had Halloween that night! I went with Ryley , Indi and Aleira I had so much fun and would 💯 do it again! Also I went to visit my high school to check it out and it was awesome. We got to do some classes and find out our factions. I hope everyone is having a great time at their last term of primary school.

From Mikaela

Let it go ❄️

Let it go!

On the weekend me and my Mum went to the frozen musical and it’s the best musical I’ve ever seen! The props were amazing and the actor’s were on point! Yes Frozen is a little kids movie but it’s my favourite Disney movie by far. We got lunch before we went in and the theatre was huge! They have been doing it since August I think and there’s only 4 weeks left of it!  Am so glad I went and my favourite character was OLAF or Elsa. They were all incredible actors and there was some humour, sadness and happiness.

From Mikaela

It’s on rewind!!!

And we are here again spring netball , once again!

It’s always the same every year we get there too play new players and BOOM!  And that then means there is a lot on the bench and that’s not good! We have 5 centre courts 2 shooters 3 defence. But this year there’s a slight change. Last year I would watch our youngest school team and now I’m a like assistant! So this will be fun! And they aren’t the youngest anymore! Lets get this season STARTED!!!!

From Mikaela

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